Rosemary Sutcliff, Tom Lehrer, The Pope and The Vatican Rag

Tom Lehrer did not figure in Rosemary Sutcliff’s Desert Island Discs choices; but both she and my mother – they were great friends –  loved the satirical songs of Tom Lehrer. And the visit of the Pope to the UK reminds me of a Lehrer song The Vatican Rag which they would undoubtedly have known from record and then also from watching in the 1970s Marty Feldman’s take on the song. (After a day’s writing, Rosemary liked to settle down with embroidery or sewing and the TV, restricted as she was in social possibilities by being severely physically disabled, and also just to relax.)  I wonder if anyone now at the BBC recalls the song and the clips: it might be timely to dust them off?

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