The Eagle of the Ninth in Swedish | Rosemary Sutcliff Discovery of the Day

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Here is another of cover of Rosemary Sutcliff’s The Eagle of the Ninth. It is the Swedish version from 1993.

Inside, there is a map of Britain, showing the Latin names of the largest settlements of Roman Britain. This is slightly different to the map shown in English versions of the book. One thing I find intriguing is the Latin name for Scotland. In the English version, it is written as Caledonia. However, in the Swedish version it is written as Caledonien. I wonder why? If Caledonia is from the Latin language, is Caledonien Swedish/Latin? The word Britannia also differs here. It is written as Britannien. However, other names of settlements remain in conventional Latin.
I wonder why the translations differ. Any ideas?

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