Twitter on Rosemary Sutcliff | The Eagle of the Ninth hashtag | The Eagle film hashtag | #teotn

We link these posts with; sporadically at the moment because, while my posts do automatically , my son’s do not yet – for reasons we are fathoming out. But Twitter users amongst you do please  use your Twitter profiles to say something about The Eagle of the Ninth, or this blog, or to retweet a recent tweet at rsutcliff, using the ‘hashtag‘  #teotn .

In anticipation of The Eagle film release I am trying to get this established as a hashtag which people will use for the book and the film too – thus restoring in a small subversive way the link with the book! So far, as a search in Twitter will show, only I have used it! And it is certainly not trending; that is for you non-Twitter users, being used so widely at a particular moment that it figures in the top ten trending topics!

An entry on rsutcliff at Twitter

The film name was changed, I understand, because market research showed that some potential film-watchers were confused by the full title (What about the eagle of the first, was that an earlier film? What ninth? Is it a golf film?). It is unwise to confuse a would-be purchaser in any business … and distributors know their business … so I resigned myself long ago to the name change. But at least #teotn for Twitter?

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