Not the Colosseum

Rosemary Sutcliff fan Robert Vermaat alerted me to a very obvious mistake in my last post. I wrote that the character Esca from ‘The Eagle of the Ninth’ was fighting in the colosseum. Anyone who has read the book would realise of course that it is not the Colosseum but the local amphitheatre in Calleva Atrebatum (Silchester Roman town), a much smaller building than the enormous Colosseum in Rome!

Colosseum in Rome
Remains of amphitheatre in Calleva Atrebatum

2 thoughts on “Not the Colosseum

  1. On his Calleva Atrebatum post (added here not long ago), Robert who runs the Matters Arising blog included a photo of the information panel showing the amphitheatre as it probably looked in its heyday.


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