Follow-up The Eagle in the USA with the new movie tie-in book editions

For those of you in North America who have found your way to this blog after watching The Eagle film based on Rosemary Sutcliff‘s great story The Eagle of the Ninth, the publishers (and I!) invite you to check out the reissue of the entire Roman Britain Trilogy from Square Fish! You can experience “the guts and glory with the movie tie-in edition of The Eagle of the Ninth” and “get the conversation started with their discussion guide“.

2 thoughts on “Follow-up The Eagle in the USA with the new movie tie-in book editions

  1. As I mentioned on another post, but which those reading this post might not be aware of, I was asked to write reviews of all three books in the “Roman Britain trilogy”. Two of these are already up on the US website, and the third, a review of The Lantern Bearers, will be up by the end of the week.

    There’s also a great competition to win one of five sets of the trilogy from the publisher. Good luck!

    Best wishes

    Ben Kane


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