On curating the material for this blog!

This is not intended to be a ‘live blog’! But an article today in the MediaGuardian set me thinking about this blog-based website. For when I started it, and especially as I developed it in the last 12 months, I had in mind what in the article is called ‘curating’ material. That is, as I understand it, collecting material from around the web and elsewhere, and organising it into a collection – perhaps on occasion with commentary – that people would find engaging, enthusing, and educational as well as informative.  I also hoped that people who loved Rosemary’s work might in a very loose sense congregate here, and talk of their experiences of her work.

I realise that in recent months I have been increasingly diverted by accumulating material related to the film The Eagle, and also have been merely adding items about Rosemary that I find or am alerted to. Notions of curating have rather gone out the window. When the excitements of the film coming out, first in the US, then here and elsewhere, have died down I have in mind turning to some weeding and curating (Blog as garden? Blog as museum? Blog as art show?). All advice gratefully received …

6 thoughts on “On curating the material for this blog!

  1. Please can you tell me how to join the campaign to re-release the 1970s BBC video of The Eagle of the Ninth. Is there someone specific to write to in the BBC?


    • The address of the BBC is:

      British Broadcasting Corporation, Wood Lane,
      London W12 7BX

      The BBC can also be contacted via its Website: http://www.bbc.co.uk

      Go to the foot of the page, and there is a button titled “Contact us” in the right-hand corner.

      I have already written, by “snail mail”, and e-mailed the BBC. The more fans that lobby the BBC, the greater the chance of getting this serialisation transferred to DVD


  2. Good point – I like the idea of a garden – you set the parameters and put in the key points and then allow stuff to happen.

    I am doing this for a Choir tour where I did the set up and now the choristers are adding most of the content.


    I am using Facebook to be the easy place to get more input from everyone – soon parents and fans can add their material – and then I use my own judgment to run a story on the blog.

    We are all finding our way – it’s all so new


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