Author Rosemary Sutcliff (sic) not Rosemary Sutcliffe with an E

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Rosemary Sutcliff’s name is spelled wrongly by (too) many people who write Sutcliff  as Sutcliffe, that is with an ‘E’! If you Google ‘Rosemary Sutcliffe’ with an ‘e’ you find many versions of this error in newspapers, websites, schools and in bookshops. In fact, one of her publishers even made this mistake in their promotional material for one of her books.

Examples on this blog of wrong spelling of Rosemary Sutcliff as Rosemary Sutcliffe (sic)

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  1. I am a relative of rosemary and met her when I was a young budding artist. We both had the same annoyance with people that spelt our name wrong. Is there any one out there that can direct me to some images of her art work as I now paint myself and am told I paint like she did. Must be in the genes!


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