Hunting for Rosemary Sutcliff stories and plays

Rosemary Sutcliff’s work was documented and examined by Sandra Garside-Neville for the Historical Novels’ Society. She refers to several stories and plays which I have not documented here, I realise. I do not have copies. Can anyone supply them?

1964    The Fugitives (in Miscellany One, edited by Edward Blishen)

1966    The New Laird (radio play script)

1967    The Man Who Died at Sea (in The House of the Nightmare and other Eerie Stories, edited by Kathleen Lines)

1970   The Making of an Outlaw (in Thrilling Stories from the Past for Boys edited by Eric Duthie)

1970   Swallows in the Spring (in Galaxy edited by Gabrielle Maunder)

1986    Mary Bedell (play)

1992    The Eagle of the Ninth: Play (with Mary Rensten)

8 thoughts on “Hunting for Rosemary Sutcliff stories and plays

  1. Anthony, I have finally located my copy of Miscellany One and photocopied “Fugitives”. Where should I send it?


  2. Also the play with Mary Rensten ( ISBN 9781872475202) was published in 1992, in Colchester (England) by SchoolPlay Productions Ltd. I have posted at their Facebook Page seeing if they have a copy.


  3. I have established that the Mary Bedell play was ‘produced’ in 1986 but I do not know where…I do recall that she scripted a community play (or several?) for Chichester Festival Theatre at some point ….


    • Thanks so much for this and previous comment. Some US universities got Romie (as I knew her) to send some of her material to them before my mother urged her not to! I will write to this lot (I should have thought of that …)


  4. A couple of those (think they were the plays or radio plays) I found reference to whilst searching on the internet. Could find no further information other than that though!


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