Illustrating Rosemary Sutcliff

Charles Keeping illustration Rosemary Sutcliff book
By Charles Keeping

Rosemary Sutcliff’s books were  graced with the work of major British illustrators: Charles Keeping, Alan Lee, Victor Ambrus, C Walter Hodges, Richard Kennedy, Ralph Thompson, and Emma Chichester Clark. The books they, and others,  illustrated included:   

C Walter Hodges

The Queen Elizabeth Story (1950),
 The Eagle of the Ninth (1954),
 Simon (1953),
 Chess-Dream in the Garden (1993)

Richard Kennedy

Outcast (1955)

Charles Keeping

The Silver Branch (1957),
 The Lantern Bearers (1959), Warrior Scarlet (1958)
, Knight’s Fee (1960)
, Beowulf: Dragonslayer (1961),
 Dawn Wind (1961),
 The Mark of the Horse Lord (1965),
 The Capricorn Bracelet (1973),
 Blood Feud (1976)

Rachel Birkett

Flame-Coloured Taffeta (1986)

Victor Ambrus

The Hound of Ulster (1963),
 The Changeling (1974),
 A Little Dog Like You (1987)

Ralph Thompson

Chess-dream in the Garden (1993) 

Emma Chichester Clark

The Minstrel and the Dragon Pup (1993)

Alan Lee

Black Ships Before Troy (1993),
 The Wanderings of Odysseus (1995)

(List revised 17/4/92 in light of comments below)

3 thoughts on “Illustrating Rosemary Sutcliff

  1. Sorry, but “Chess-dream in a Garden” was in fact illustrated by Ralph Thompson, whose wonderfully sensitive animal drawings graced the pages of many of Gerald Durrell’s earlier books.


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