Lesser pleasures of parenthood

Fugitive Ink blog by Barendina Smedley  tackles issues of politics, art and literature “from an unapologetically idiosyncratic, vaguely High Tory perspective.”

Amongst the lesser pleasures of parenthood should be numbered the opportunity, not only to re-visit the favourite books of one’s own early childhood  … but also … the opportunity to encounter as an adult the children’s books one missed in childhood. Rosemary Sutcliff’s The Eagle of the Ninth very much a case in point.

She goes on to write a long, fascinating piece about her reading of the novel – but I would have called this one of the greater pleasures of parenthood!

2 thoughts on “Lesser pleasures of parenthood

  1. I would have said the same: a greater pleasure. I’m certainly past my first blush of youth and still immensely enjoy reading any and all of Rosemary’s books. I don’t even know which one(s) I read as a child/teen, but they made such an impression on me that I enjoy them equally–if not more–than I did the first time. In my mind she was just a memorable writer and that’s all that was important to me. I’m trying to read all the ones I can get my hands on now regardless of whether or not I’ve already read them.

    Anthony, do you have any idea if her Robin Hood book will be released as an e-book or even as a print book? I just don’t have $100 or more to spend on a copy. It’s certainly the hardest to find, though there’s one for children that’s not easily available. I just can’t recall the title at the moment. I’m even prepared to get a copy of Robin Hood either in French or German–or Spanish for that matter–if there’s no English copy available that I can afford. Russian is more difficult for me than the other 3. I’d probably be reading at that till my dying day, though I doubt that it’s been translated into Russian. But anyway, if at all possible, I like to read books in the original language; translations never have the correct flavour.


    • Thanks for commenting ….
      As to The Chronicles of Robin Hood, it is on the way as en ebook…..later this year I think. I will note here when I know details.


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