Rosemary Sutcliff “did the honours for Roman Britain” but Elizabeth Laird’s top ten books about “tough stuff from out there”, now!

From the Guardian Books website:

What does a good novel do for you? Make you laugh? Make you cry, gasp, clutch the pages, miss your stop on the bus? Well, yes. All of those things. But I like a novel that also illuminates a corner of the real world that I hardly knew existed, and brings it to life.

Good historical novels do that. Geoffrey Trease hard-wired ancient Greece into my imagination and Rosemary Sutcliff did the honours for Roman Britain. But some novels work the same magic for the world as it is today. They teleport us to live for a while in distant places we only hear about on the news. It’s a risky business, and history might frown on some of these interpretations, but the dramatic stories they tell are every bit as poignant, exciting and memorable as the most action-soaked fantasies. In a world where ignorance of Out There is a real threat to world peace, they do an important job, too.

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Author: Anthony Lawton

Chair, Sussex Dolphin, family company which looks after the work of eminent children’s & historical fiction author Rosemary Sutcliff (1920-92). Formerly CEO, chair & trustee of various charity, cultural & educational enterprises in UK.

One thought on “Rosemary Sutcliff “did the honours for Roman Britain” but Elizabeth Laird’s top ten books about “tough stuff from out there”, now!”

  1. These are the books that I love best: ones that I can learn something new from of any kind, something at least constructive, of course. I’ve usually learned something new and interesting from all of Rosemary’s books, even those for the youngest children, even if it’s just about the habit of some lesser-known animal.


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