One more time publishers, newspapers and all | It’s Rosemary Sutcliff (sic), not Sutcliffe with an E!

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Folio Society edition of Rosemary SutcliffHere we go, or went, again – a publisher or newspaper spelling Rosemary Sutcliff’s name correctly: it is not, as avid readers of Rosemary Sutcliff (sic) and keen followers of this blog know well, Rosemary Sutcliffe with an E! The culprit this time? It was the Folio Society, which publishes beautiful editions of several of her books (The Lantern Bearers, for example, pictured above) . On their biography page – correctly headed Rosemary Sutcliff – they managed six Sutcliffes in as many paragraphs (and one Sutcliff); but they have now corrected that. How could they get it so wrong?

But do not let my grumbling put you off: if you can afford them, these editions are wonderful gifts, and a joy to read and own.

The Lantern Bearers, The Eagle of the Ninth, The Silver Branch by Rosemary Sutcliff, Folio Editions

More examples of writing Rosemary Sutcliff as Sutcliffe


  1. “Publisher who” and “newspaper which”. If you’re going to complain about people’s spelling……

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