Oxford version of Fowler’s Modern English Usage uses Rosemary Sutcliff quote to show use of ‘practically’

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Use of Rosemary Sutcliff quote in Oxford Fowler’s English Usage

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  1. I used a quote from Rosemary Sutcliff’s “The Shining Company” in the “comments “section of the online version of the Merriam-Webster Dictionary to illustrate the usage of the word “dayspring”. No coincidence, I think, that someone else mentioned the use of this word in Kipling’s work…

    “Rebecca Friedman · Freelance Fiction Editor at Self-employed

    “Dayspring mishandled cometh not againe” – Rudyard Kipling, refrain line to Gertrude’s Prayer, which is the accompanying poem to Dayspring Mishandled, a short story, also by Kipling. It was a very good story, and that phrase was key to it, so I needed to know what dayspring was.

    Anne McFadgen

    Rosemary Sutcliff’s young adult historical novel, “The Shining Company”:

    “The guide put in, ‘If you can keep him in the saddle through tonight, I can bring you by dayspring to a safe place where we can lie up for the needful days with no fear of Sea-wolves’.”

    I have a feeling Sutcliff also used this word in “The Eagle of the Ninth”, but can’t remember exactly where.”



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