The Morning Star better than The Times in spelling Rosemary Sutcliff correctly

I do hate it when people who should know better do not spell Rosemary Sutcliff (correct spelling) correctly, using Sutcliffe with an E (wrong spelling). The Times last week, so called newspaper of record, spelled her name wrong in an article about the film of The Eagle of the Ninth. Hooray, for communism or socialism I say, although Rosemary Sutcliff  – a Tory Sussex lady – would not have agreed … Published in the Morning Star under the heading ‘The ins and outs of Trease and Sutcliff’ is the letter I wrote to then when they spelled her wrong. I still have not even an apology from The Times , a mistake being relayed around the internet, and pointed out to The Times at the same time as I alerted The Morning Star.

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